Sunday, April 15, 2012

the Little Birdie

He knows much.

my wedding collection

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2011

Fort Stevens, Oregon, June 2011

plant portraiture

Camp Fort Stevens area, June 2011


Seaside, OR, solo day trip.

the consequences of being selfish.

A wonderful chance shot--a crow not wanting to share his food.

Subsequently, he is now alone in the grass.

Seaside, Oregon, during a solo day trip.

old banner IV


Two birds caught in a clandestine meeting outside my window! They both flew away shortly after this was taken, one after the other, in opposite directions, further adding to the mystery...

just dandy.

A tiny dandelion... Alone, but not lonely. Found near a trail at Forest Heights, Portland, my dream neighborhood community.